domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2015

Drupal Global Training Day 2015 - 22 August

As usual @edutrul organizes Drupal Global Training Day in Lima Perú in order to help grow new people to Drupal Community.
In this opportunity again at University "Autónoma del Perú" we all gather at 8:00am to 12:00pm(though we extend it an extra hour till 1:00pm since all people were really excited to learn!).
There were 25 participants! We've had more participants than previous Drupal Global Training days and we feel very proud of it. We talked about Drupal association and it is importance and impact in the community to help grow drupal. And every participant created his/her website with pantheon and it is online!

Here are the photos:

Special thanks to:

  • @edutrul (for being the organizer and facilitator)
  • @autonomadelperu (for giving us the installation to teach #Drupal at #DrupalGTD)
  • @heilop (for being facilitator and a good friend)
  • @drupalwatchdog (for giving us magazines at LA con and give them to participants)
  • @alexabr23 (for helping writing this article and giving us souvenirs to participants)
  • @"Jose Luis Herrera Salazar" (for being always the intermediary to give us the installation to teach at @autonomadelperu)
  • @DrupalAssoc (For giving us the directions and the motivation to help grow Drupal community)

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